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Getting Married in Seychelles: A Hassle-Free Guide for Filipinos


Marriage Ceremony:

  • Conducted in English or French by the Seychelles’ Registrar

  • Can take place anywhere (beach, hotel, or other venue)

  • No need to visit the Civil Status office

  • Two witnesses are required (provided by complimentary byHERA if you’re travelling alone)

  • Preferably held on weekdays

  • Additional fee for weekends or public holidays


Philipinos marrying Philipino or any other Nationality

Getting married in Seychelles is a breeze, especially with minimal document requirements. All that is needed for a civil marriage are:

1. Copies of their passports

2. Copies of their birth certificates (affidavit in absence of birth certificate).

(An affidavit is just a form that needs to be filled in by the person who does not have a copy of the birth certificate stating that the date and time of birth are correct as per their knowledge.)

If applicable:

3. Divorce certificate (if previously married and separated)

4. Death Certificate of the former spouse (if widowed)

5. Legal proof of a change of name (If the name is different on any of the documents)

Note: All the documents must be either in English or French. In case any other language is used on the documents, a certified translation of the documents will be required. (Certified - Signature and Stamp on the Translator is ok, apostilled or notory is not required.)


If you’re living in the Philippines, or you live in the UAE or any of the GCC countries (Gulf Cooperation Council countries – Bahrain, Kuwait, Oman, Qatar, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates). Still, you need your wedding certificate to be legalised for the Philippines as well, we’ve got good news.

Both the Philippines and Seychelles are members of the Hague Apostilles Convention. This means your wedding certificate from Seychelles will have an apostille stamp and will also be valid in the Philippines.

There is only one additional step that you’ll need to perform.

You’ll need to send your wedding certificate to Nairobi, Kenya by completing all the necessary requirements to register your wedding certificate in the Philippines. Once the embassy registers your wedding certificate, you will receive the original documents by courier, and that’s about it.


You don’t need to make the appointments and submit your documents, our team will do the needful and you are sorted.

HERA Seychelles: All-Inclusive Tropical Deluxe Wedding Package for Two

Service includes the following: Euro1999 / AED7999* (Package can be extended with add-ons, just ask)

  • Unlimited consultation with your Seychelles wedding planner

  • Handling of all your legal procedures and documentation (All you have to provide us with is your date of departure)

  • A registrar to conduct the ceremony

  • 2 witnesses (complimentary if needed)

  • Welcoming drinks

  • A decorated Gazebo or + a wedding aisle

  • 1 bottle of sparkling wine

  • 1 Wedding Cake

  • Chairs for the Bride and Groom

  • A tropical bridal bouquet + boutonniere for the groom

  • A seashell ring holder

  • A professional photographer for the wedding (1 hour)

  • 50 edited pictures + all unedited JPEG send by link

  • Link available for 1 year

  • Private transfers to your wedding ceremony and back to the hotel*

  • Your wedding certificate, Apostille by the Supreme Court of Seychelles (3-4 working days after the ceremony

*DHL Shipping if required additional cost

ADD - Ons to the Package

Extra marriage certificate with apostille + MOFA

Video (ground only)

Video + Drone

Hair and makeup artist

Hair OR makeup only


Getting married in Seychelles is as simple as this. No fuss, no inconvenience, no lengthy paperwork, just celebrating and indulging in weaving the fabric of love and togetherness on the world’s most beautiful island in the world.

Similar to individuals of any other nationality, Filipinos have the opportunity to marry in Seychelles, whether they reside in the UAE or the Philippines.

What are you waiting for? Contact us and we shall get on to planning your wedding in Seychelles.

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