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Experience World-Class Service

Spectacular Indian Ocean views and picturesque hillside location await guests from luxurious resorts to budget accomodations available on various Islands across Seychelles


Selected Honeymoon Hotels and Resorts from amongst the best in Seychelles.
Rated for Extra Health & Safety Measures



Hotel Pool

Four Seasons Resort – Honeymoon

Mahè, Seychelles

One of the best resorts in Seychelles enjoys a stunning location and luxury villas

Wedding Portrait

Hilton Seychelles Northolme – Honeymoon

Mahè, Seychelles

Resort at Glacis on Mahe is a tropical paradise for honeymooners


Constance Ephélia  Resort – Honeymoon

Mahè, Seychelles

A stunning luxury resort with a fabulous range of luxury villas and exceptional facilities


Kempinski Seychelles – Honeymoon

Mahè, Seychelles

Wedding couples will find relaxing tropical surroundings with white sand, turquoise water


Story Resort 5* –

Mahè, Seychelles

Relax in a paradisiacal setting and swim enjoying stunning views of the local landscape.


Bliss Hotel 4* –

Mahè, Seychelles

Hidden within a lush cove on the northern side of Mahe


Savoy Seychelles –

Mahè, Seychelles

Located on one of Mahe’s most stunning beach at Beau Vallon with an incredible sea view


AVANI Barbarons Resort 4* – Honeymoon

Mahè, Seychelles

Colorful hideaway offering a great atmosphere and fantastic views of the Indian Ocean.


Denis Private Island 4* – Honeymoon

Denis Private Island, Seychelles

Stays on Denis Private Island for your wedding are an all-inclusive basis


Carana Beach Hotel 4* – Honeymoon

Mahè, Seychelles

Authentic Seychellois hospitality combined with causal chic


Coral Strand Hotel 4* – Honeymoon

Mahè, Seychelles

Coral Strand Smart Choice Hotel is a slice of paradise for couples


Crown Beach Hotel 3* – Honeymoon

Mahè, Seychelles

Exclusive beach-front hotel located at beautiful beach, features swimming pool, restaurant

Discover: HOTELS WITH BEST PRICE in Seychelles

A Romantic Welcome

A warm welcome service that includes flower decoration on your bed on the first evening of your wedding

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Honeymoon in Paradise

We have a fantastic range of hand-picked hotels, resorts, and villas suitable for all budgets.

Wedding . Honeymoon . Private Events in Seychelles

A group of islands with over a hundred wonderful islands in the Indian Ocean is waiting to be discovered by you as a tropical paradise. Seychelles is one of the most popular dream destinations of all and is particularly suitable for extraordinary events such as weddings and honeymoons.

The beaches entice with fine, white sand. The coast is surrounded by granite rocks and cliffs that rise steeply from the shimmering turquoise waters.  Plan your Seychelles Wedding with us.

Exotic vegetation proliferates in the hinterland. Seychelles, a tropical island nation at the south-eastern tip of the African continent with a Creole population, probably has the most romantic spots for newlyweds in the world. Year after year, many couples in love are drawn to one of the charming Seychelles hotels or luxury resorts. The hospitality of the locals and the South Seas landscape with its seemingly endless beaches gives rise to romantic feelings as if by magic.

A dreamlike island kingdom in the Indian Ocean with a variety of offers for sailing cruises, relaxing, hiking, snorkeling, and diving awaits you! Turquoise waters, white fine sandy beaches, and temperatures averaging 26 °C offer a relaxing honeymoon for newlyweds who want to relax after the exciting wedding preparations and explore an interesting nature on foot or by boat.

A paradise on Earth in the Indian Ocean

Overgrown with lush jungle, the mountain peaks of Seychelles, surrounded by hundreds of glittering reefs, rise out of the deep blue sea. The 115 islands stretch like a gem-studded crescent from the equator to the northern tip of Madagascar. Each of these islands (granite and coral) holds its own beauty and secrets… . The lush tropical vegetation produces coconuts, bananas, mangoes, yams, and breadfruit, among others. The islands of Praslin, Silhouette, La Digue, and even the main island of Mahé offer almost untouched landscapes and deserted beaches. But active holidaymakers are also catered for, as divers, anglers, cyclists, and hikers also get their money’s worth here.

Romantic dream Beaches and Luxury Resorts

Seychelles are often described as one of the most beautiful places in the world or one of the last paradises. A flight there takes about 10 hours. A Seychelles Honeymoon trip will be remembered for a lifetime! As newlyweds, would you like to sit on the beach at a romantic candlelight dinner and have your personal waiter serve you a tasty multi-course meal? That can all be arranged. As suitable accommodation for your honeymoon, we offer beautiful bungalows that have direct access to the sea.

It is quite special to sit on the veranda of a luxurious bungalow for two and enjoy a cocktail in peace. Imagine making plans for the future in the privacy of your own home. As you gaze out over the endless expanse of the ocean, the outline of a cruise ship appears from time to time far in the distance. The golden glittering, rushing water near the bungalow heralds a beautiful, blood-red sunset. We will make your Seychelles trip an unforgettable experience.

Leisure & Cultural Activities Activities

However, once relaxation has set in, it is worth leaving the palm-fringed coasts with their unique rock formations and taking a look inland. Here, beautiful nature reserves and national parks such as St. Anne Marine or Morne Seychellois with breathtaking flora and fauna are waiting to be discovered.

In front of the endless beaches of La Digue and Praslin, diving and snorkeling enthusiasts get their money’s worth in a fascinating underwater world.

Seychelles also offers many opportunities to explore the country on your own: A well-developed network of paths invites you to go on bicycle tours and day trips by boat offer the opportunity to get to know all the islands.

Culture & Culinary delights


For those interested in culture, a trip to the capital Victoria is recommended. Here, historic buildings from the 20th century tell of the British colonial era, and a visit to the nearby markets will give you the opportunity to enjoy exotic local fruits. These are also found in Creole cuisine, which is notorious for its excellent compositions. Refined with spices typical of the country, fish, in particular, is worth sampling.

YEAR-ROUND DESTINATION | Best time to Travel for your Honeymoon and Wedding


Seychelles is a year-round destination, the summer months are very pleasant at around 27-30 degrees, although you must expect occasional rainfall. Seychelles can be traveled all year round, but there are small seasonal differences. The south-east trade wind from May to September brings fine, dry weather with often strong surf and winds. The northwest trade wind from November to March brings hot and humid weather with showers. More rain is to be expected, especially in December and January. Between the monsoon seasons, it is often windless and hot.



The official languages of Seychelles are English, French, and Seselwa, the Seychelles Creole. This language is a mixture of Swahili, Malagasy, and other African languages and French or a little English, the languages of the former colonial masters. The population uses Creole as an everyday language, but English and French are generally understood.



Seychelles traditionally has a very low crime rate, but theft does occur, albeit rarely. The local population is considered reserved, courteous, and helpful. Nevertheless, use common sense during your Seychelles holiday and never leave valuables unattended.



There is a public wireless network in many places, and internet cafés can be found on the three main islands of Mahé, Praslin, and La Digue. An alternative is to get a local sim card directly at the resort, which will then work on your own device. Most guesthouses, resorts, and hotels also have their own Wi-Fi.

  • When is the best time to visit Seychelles for Honeymoon?
    The ideal time to travel to Seychelles is in the dry season from May to October. However, at the same time, the southeast monsoon blows with much stronger winds and churns up the sea.
  • When can I book an affordable Honeymoon in Seychelles?
    Nevertheless, due to the somewhat more pleasant climate, the best time to travel to Seychelles can be said to be May to October. Flights to Seychelles usually cost €500-1,100 per person. If you are very flexible and spontaneous, you can also hope for cheap last-minute offers.
  • How warm is it in Seychelles in December?
    The climate in Seychelles is as follows: December – March: During the time of the northwest trade winds, from December to March, average temperatures of 27°C – 28°C prevail. Rain showers are not uncommon, especially in December and January.
  • How long does it rain in Seychelles?
    In Seychelles, the south-east monsoon prevails from around May to October and goes hand in hand with the dry season, while in the winter months, from November to April, the north-west monsoon brings the rainy season.
  • Can I enjoy beautiful beaches during my Honeymoon in Seychelles?
    The archipelago lies off the east coast of Africa and has enchanted us with its endless sandy beaches, turquoise waters, imposing granite rocks, palm trees, and lots of sun. The beaches on Mahé, Praslin, and La Digue – the three main destinations in the country – are breathtakingly beautiful.
  • What dangerous animals are in Seychelles?
    There are no poisonous snakes or other dangerous animals in Seychelles either. In contrast to the flora: the seeds of the reglisse, a plant imported from India, are highly poisonous. Eating the small, red globules is fatal even in small doses.
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